Team Trip to Gouqi Island

Monday 18 August 2014

Background of this trip

About 2 weeks ago, after a team meeting, manager talked with us about our travel budget. He said, we had not used our travel budget, right? Let's talk about where we can travel to? Do you guys have some suggestions? Jesson said, recently Gouqi Island is very popular; I had heard a lot people around travel there. Ok, done. There is no argument. So Gouqi becomes our travel destination.

Brief introduction to Gouqi Island

So where is Gouqi Island? It is in the northeast of Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang Province. In fact, it is less than 220 kilometers away from the here Suzhou. Gouqi is not a famous attraction in China, but because of its clean water and short distance from Shanghai, it is becoming more and more popular in Yangtze River Delta. It is said Gouqi Island is the nearest place where you can enjoy blue sea for people who live in Yangtze River Delta. And it's not over-commercialized, so you can experience quiet and peace there.

trip experience

Day 1

Let's go! At 5:30 am 16th August, we set out. The weather is cloudy, and the forecast said it would be rain at this weekend. After about 3 hours on highway, we arrived Shenjiawan passenger terminal, and at 9:10 am, our ship sailed well. Though the distance is not long, it cost us about 4 hours on it since the slow ship. Fortunately, nobody got seasickness and we arrived. view from Nongjiale Dawang Beach

When we arrived at the Nongjiale, it was almost 2:00 pm. All of us were very hungry. Our last meal is breakfast at 5:00 am, 9 hours ago. The lunch our host prepared for us is Seafood noodles. It was delicious for both itself and our hungry.

After lunch, some guys went to enjoy beach, but my wife and I had rest since we felt sleepy, In last night we only slept 5 hours. After a nap, we walked on the beach, the water is clean, but not that blue as the picture I saw on Internet showed. The poor weather may account for this.

A big dinner! Forgive me for no pictures.

Day 2

Fishing! the way to fishing wharf house on top of the hill little beach At 8:30 in the morning, the weather was good, and we went to fish, a part of this trip that I was looking forward to. We jumped on a local fishing boat and fisherman drove us to fishing. After simple training and demo, we got down to fishing. There are many fishes here, and we got good harvest. It is a little pity that we only got one kind of tiny fish. local fishing boat Sebastiscus marmoratus octopus

In the afternoon, I tried to swim in the sea, but the sea water tasted bad. It's salt and bitter, I can not bear it so I give up and just continue walk on the beach with my wife and caught crabs.

Day 3

beach in rain In this morning on Monday, I continued to walked on beach and left some traces, here is our work: our work on beach But it rained heavily in the afternoon, and the ship was behind schedule. So our return did not go well. We arrived home at 10:05 PM, it was very late.

In general, it's a great trip, I enjoyed the sea, and my wife' accompany in this trip. My coworker organized this trip and helped me a lot. Thank you, guys.

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