The First Lean Coffee I Attended

Thursday 29 May 2014


On May 23, I attended a Lean Coffee, this is the first Lean Coffee I attended. I've heard about Lean Coffee before, but I'm not clear about it, all I know about it is Lean Coffee is an Agile related activity. So I search on the web to figure it out. I found a good web site about it.

As it says, Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Since the agenda for the meeting was democratically generated, conversations are direct and productive.

OK, after know what Lean Coffee is, it's time to attend it.

Instead of coffee, tea and some snacks are served. And in this activity, we have 3 teams, and each has 5-7 members. While eating snacks, we came up with this agenda:

  1. Agile First Impression
  2. Agile Stories
  3. Agile Positive Energy

Agile First Impression

In this session, everyone wrote their first impression on Agile. There came many words, including Free, Busy, Fast, Harmonious and even Cube Farm (What does this have to do with Agile?). What I wrote was Immediate. What Agile impressed me most is its speediness. In my scrum team, we can release some versions even in a sprint. But in a traditional process, only one in half a year, so Agile is more rapid. After we post these words in the Kanban, we voted them.

Your Agile Stories

Now, we need to make a story by the words we post in last session, 3 teams all gave a wonderful story and paint it on Kanban.

Team 1:
When we came to Agile Process, we are struggling to have meetings and confused about it. During the process, we gradually adapted to it and saw its benefits. Now, we get comfortable working in it.
Team 1's paint

Team 2:
A young man named Gang wants to be a good coder. When he joined an Agile team, he felt it's just another Cube Farm. He has frustration and feels upset. But after several months, with continues improvement in his team, he feel the strength of Agile and work effectively. Now job is no longer a problem, but an enjoyable experience.
Team 2's paint

Team 3:
This is a true story. A project which is built through global cooperation has a new requirement. And it should be done in a limited time. What makes situation worse is no one is clear about this, and different guys have different ideas about. They sync their thought and they finally accomplished it in only one sprint, which is amazing.
Team 3's paint

Agile Positive Energy

Positive Energy 1:
Our team has working in Agile for a long time, they create a harmonious, positive, enjoyable team atmosphere. And they establish trust between PO in US and team in China, which makes their work more flexible and free.

Positive Energy 2:
Team building is vital in Agile. In their scrum team, they build a foundation in Alipay for team building. Especially, they buy lottery regularly, and the number is team member's birthday. And team creates a group in We Chat group to discuss anything interesting.

Positive Energy 3:
Another scrum team has worked together for a long time (one and half years). Although there are testers and developers in team, there is no difference between them, everyone can take over user story and they can commit it.

I'm in the Lean Coffee (rightmost)

I'm in the Lean Coffee

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