Some Ideas for Graduate

Thursday 24 April 2014

Attitude (subjectivity)

Proactive (Work Hard)



How? If you are not sure, double check, double confirm.

Ability (subjectivity (have a sense) + objectivity (do a good job))

Domain Knowledge

Tech Skill


Put oneself in someone else's shoes;

Professional Habits(subjectivity)

Make job be traceable

CDETS (Cisco Defect and Enhancement Tracking System)-code-PeerReview-Wiki-Rally

Be a conscientious person (Summarize, Blog)

Some Tips:

Effective Mail

  1. explicit receiver (Hi, & Hi,All)
  2. Make the subject line clear and easy to read, and state the point clearly
  3. When you reply or update something, keep Mail threads context
  4. Read mail fully.
  5. Understand, reply directly, have confuse, point it
  6. No obvious info to Extra receiver (do not ask others to do something in the mail, if so, others may ignore it. If you want someone do something, he/she must be a receiver, and make you ask clear)


  1. Watch your spelling and grammar
  2. Ownership + Follow up + Conclusion
  3. Self-Management + Self Push, Never final surprising
  4. Which came first, the chicken, or the egg.´╝łTrust?)


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