Oracle Fusion HCM Screenshot

Oracle Fusion HCM

My role: Applications Developer

Leading product in HR Software market, its functions cover Payroll, Time, Absence and so on. I help to maintain and develop new features for the Maintain Migration Service Module which is used to export and import user data.

Technologies: Java, ADF, Oracle, Weblogic

Cisco OAuth 2.0 Implementation Screenshot

Cisco OAuth 2.0 Implementation

My role: Software Enginner

OAuth 2 Service is the authorization component in the integrated collaboration experience platform. It is based on OAuth 2.0 protocol, the industrial standard authorization protocol, high adoption within service developer community and high interoperability with third party applications. I take charge of some features, bugs fix, and performance tuning.

Technologies: Java, Spring, Jersey, LDAP, Tomcat

IBM VOCA (Voice of Customer Analytic) Screenshot

IBM VOCA (Voice of Customer Analytic)

My role: Software Engineer Intern

IBM VOCA is designed to enable businesses to better identify and manage factors critical to customer satisfaction by pinpointing the root causes of negative service experiences. I wrote AQL statements to extract latent facets and associated sentiments in unstructured text and used Java to develop statistical view.

Technologies: Java AQL, Spring SystemT Dojo, Unstructed Text Analysis